Typekit & “BESbswy”

Perhaps you found a span containing the string ‘BESbswy’ in your content? Maybe your Google results contain the word ‘BESbswy’ repeated many times? Think you’ve been hacked? You haven’t. You’ve fallen prey to a runtime test in the Typekit/Webfontloader! I began noticing this in drafts I’d written while testing old versions of my TinyMCE Typekit […]

‘Hacker’ issues WP Pull Request on GitHub for PHP Shell

At the beginning of September, a user by the name of  ‘maxymax’ forked WordPress, added a PHP Shell to the twentyten theme, and made a pull request to merge back in to the official release. https://github.com/maxymax/WordPress/commit/2fa93590c7881fab043be7b8b51358894dbc1466 Suffice to say the inclusion of Saudi Shell v1.0 in TwentyTen may not have been the best idea, nevermind […]