Auditor v1.6.2

1.6.2 is a Maintenance Release, available via the auto-updater and download links in order receipts, here’s what changed:

  • Fixed an overzealous error check, Auditor would warn in the error log that it had failed to cull logs, when no error had occurred
  • Fixed a situation when failed upgrades might result in loss of data
  • Fixed User filtering in the log viewer
  • Fixed an edge case where some options would slip past the default no-log lists
  • The main AuditLogViewer object is now a singleton with a get_instance method, it’s recommended you use this in future rather than the global variable
  • An ICIT_AuditLogger object was added, no functional changes but in future access all auditor default objects via ICIT_AuditLogger::get_instance()
  • ICIT_Log_Cron class added to make logging data at regular intervals simpler

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