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Lunch can be stressful for any WordCamp organiser, but there’s a major issue that’s trivially easy to fix that’s gone unnoticed.

What’s for lunch?

Different people have allergies and dietary requirements, but lunch can be a stressful and anxious situation for all attendees.

For example, lunch at the first WordCamp Europe was a mound of unlabelled sandwiches. As someone who doesn’t eat sandwiches, I left the conference and got food elsewhere.

I know I can be a fussy eater, they’re not allergies, but you don’t have to cater to that, just announce in advance what the food will be, and if it’s not to my taste I’ll go somewhere else.

WordCamp Europe 2015 did this, their food post made me look forward to lunch!


Sadly, this didn’t happen at WordCamp Europe 2016, and after queuing for 30 minutes I was given a bag with an unlabelled sandwich and a square chocolate cake, 30 minutes I could have spent doing other things

2 thoughts on “WordCamp Food

  1. Here here. I’m celiac and had a bad feeling, so pushed my way to the front of the line (still took 15 mins!) on day one only to find out that they ran out of gluten-free meals. I was pretty upset.

  2. Agree. The length on the line was enough to deter me to buy something more “exciting” / Austrian anyway. Can have sandwiches at home in Australia.

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