Emailing on Image Attachment Uploads

Sometimes it’s useful to know when an image or audio attachment is added. Here I’ll outline how to send an emailwhen it happens. How It Works We start by hooking into add_attachment, and grabbing the user IDs of all administrators: // send to admins of the current blog/site $args = array(); $args[0] = ‘user_email’; $wp_user_search […]

Typekit & “BESbswy”

Perhaps you found a span containing the string ‘BESbswy’ in your content? Maybe your Google results contain the word ‘BESbswy’ repeated many times? Think you’ve been hacked? You haven’t. You’ve fallen prey to a runtime test in the Typekit/Webfontloader! I began noticing this in drafts I’d written while testing old versions of my TinyMCE Typekit […]